Yoda Clone Wars

Here’s an old drawing I did of Yoda Clone Wars era. I realize I have a lot of Yoda drawings for some reason and he isn’t my favorite Star Wars character. Here you can see my process for creating the illustration.

Yoda non photo red pencil. Illustrated by Marc Adona

I always start my illustration with Non-photo blue or red. They’re layout pencils. For the most part they don’t show up when printing. But I like them because, they allow me to layout the page easier setting up the foundation for the illustration.

Yoda pencils by Marc Adona

Once I’ve figured out the layout design, with the non photo red, I can now go in and apply detail pencil. Technically, I could skip this step and go straight to inks. But I like to pencil in with 2b lead and rendered to the final look.

Yoda inks by Marc Adona

Here’s the last step, inking. I enjoy inking, it finalizes the illustration. You can see all the various lines come to life. I ink with various Faber Caster pens that come in different widths and sizes. I also use Japanese sumi ink and brush for the large black areas for examples —-Yoda’s leg and cloak. That’s pretty much my routine for drafting an illustration. The three step process works for me, lately I’ve been using non photo blue and straight to inks. Do whatever process works for you.

More to come. Stay safe out there. May the force be with you…always


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