World building

The great things about creating your own comics is, the world building. Okay the second best thing is world building. The first best thing is creating comics that you own. I love creating worlds for my comics. It’s the best thing ever. With Chronicles of the Hunter, I really wanted to build this fantasy world that embodied both magic and science, and how those two shaped the world. Of course, the fallout from those two.

One of the places in Chronicles of the Hunter is, Grave city. It was one of the cities that had a fallout because of the war. Devastating the entire city and everything around it. Everyone refers to it as Grave city. They believe the city is cursed with lost souls. You get a taste of Grave City in Chronicles of the Hunter issue 1. Here’s a double page spread from Chronicles of the Hunter issue 1 featuring Grave city. You can see the original line art below. Pencils and ink by me. More to come. Enjoy your day.



Chronicles of the Hunter issue 1. Created by Marc Adona

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