Wandering Vagrants issue 3 available on Amazon

Hey guys!

I know…it’s been quiet. I’ve been quiet. But I’m working steadily to finish up the first issue of my sci-fi comic book Zavion the last human city issue one. If I keep at this pace, it should be finished sometime next month. Least that’s the goal. I will keep you posted.

Wandering Vagrants issue 3 digital ebook will be available on Amazon. You can pick up the next adventure featuring the trio of doom as they attempt to escape assassins in the night. Let the fun begin. You can also, pick up the first 3 issues of Wandering Vagrants kindle ebook on Amazon if you missed them. Don’t be left behind from the adventure. Read the fun, join the adventure.

If digital isn’t for you, pickup the graphic novels in the Xanpress store. The first two volumes are available for purchase.

More to come. Thanks for checking out the site. Pickup copies of Wandering Vagrants digital or print. Look for Zavion the last human city issue 1 soon. Read Indy comics!

Click the link below to purchase Wandering Vagrants comics on Amazon.

Wandering Vagrants digital ebook


Marc Adona

Here’s a preview of Wandering Vagrants issue 3 digital ebook

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