Wandering Vagrants issue 2 available on Amazon

Happy Friday comics! Wandering Vagrants issue 2 is now available on Amazon. You can get the continuing adventures of Kazo, Ella, and Enzo. A preview of Wandering Vagrants issue 2 is below. Be sure to pickup your copy of Wandering Vagrants issue 1and 2 today!

Wandering Vagrants Issue 2


Marc Adona

Swords, Magic, Guns…Beware! part 2

“Showdown at the Kicking Bull Inn”

Previously in Wandering Vagrants:

The trio make their way to the city of Mardus after a daring escape from the Witch woods. They find themselves in a local bar called the Kicking Bull Inn where Kazo enters the deadly Drunken fist tournament. The trio meet a young woman named Dalia, who tries to aid them on their journey.If things couldn’t get any crazier, Enzo is attacked by an assassin. The fun starts here.

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