Wandering Vagrants, Vol 2.


Kazo, Ella, and Enzo find themselves in more trouble than they can handle. After barely escaping a execution, the trio are offered a deal to have all charges dropped against them if they take care of the town’s problem: the dark wizard Dredd. Blackmailed by the King the trio must decide to help the city of Madus or Flee.


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A warrior, a mage, and an elf are bound together for eternity. That’s only the beginning…

Wandering Vagrants follows the characters Kazo, Enzo, and Ella through the magical land of Varia. Each seek to fulfill an assassination contract on Master Wizard Jiro. With his last breath, Jiro curses the three with the “Forever Damned Curse”, binding them together for eternity. Now these unlikely companions travel the land, desperately searching for another master wizard to remove the curse before they kill each other.



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