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Hey guys!

I wanted to say, THANK YOU! I had a wonderful show at Baltimore Comic Con, and it’s all thanks to you. I hope you all had a wonderful time too. It was awesome meeting everyone. I had so many great conversations throughout the show. This by far, was my best show at Baltimore Comic Con.

I really appreciate the support for my new series Zavion the last human city. I’m so glad to hear people enjoying the series and asking for the next book. I know people are asking about the 2nd book—I’m currently working on it now. I’ll be posting updates from Zavion book 2 here, as well as when the book is available. You can also follow my production work on Instagram @xanpresscomics. I tend to post a lot of production work there. For those that couldn’t make it to the show, I’m offering “FREE SHIPPING” on all my books. Pickup any book you want, the shipping is on Xanpress. My way of saying thanks.

I’ve also added my first art book, Getsum! The art of Marc Adona. It’s a collection of art from over the years. Features published and unpublished comics, illustrations, and sketch. Supplies are limited. It’s always great to hear what people think of my comics or if you have questions about making comics, feel free to shoot me a email anytime.

Back to the drawing board for me. My next show is Ocean City Comic Con on Saturday December 14th.


Marc Adona


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