Creating Wandering Vagrants part 2

After completing the 24 hour comic challenge, I was full of life again. Even after I finished the challenge, I was determined to apply that energy to my comics. At the time, I was working on a comic series called Mayhem. Needless to say, working on Mayhem had become stressful and unenjoyable.

As I worked on Mayhem, I couldn’t get the 24 hour comic out of my head. At the time, I was calling the comic Fantasy Quest. It was a temporary name holder. I decided while working on Mayhem volume 2, I would secretly do pages for Fantasy Quest AKA Wandering Vagrants.

I can’t remember when I came up with Wandering Vagrants. I believed it happened once I finalized the characters. In the 24 hour comic, the story followed three adventurers, Kazo, Ella, and Jacko. Kazo and Ella stayed the same. Jacko my muscle bound swordsman became The wise guy wizard Enzo.

The key goal for Wandering Vagrants… it needed to be fun. I wanted to keep the sensibility of the 24hour comic. And lastly, the book would only focus on the trio. I wanted a fun fantasy series that would allow me to have fun and be silly. Wandering Vagrants would be a blend of 80’s cartoons and anime.

I started drawing pages for Wandering Vagrants and then I got shot. Long story short, walking home one night and these guys tried to rob me and I was shot in the process. My portfolio took a bullet as well destroying my initial pages for Wandering Vagrants.

I wouldn’t draw for the next 8 months following the accident. In August 2011, I was at work sketching around. And all of sudden, I started getting ideas for Wandering Vagrants. I figured out the concept and story for the comic. These three characters would be cursed after killing a wizard binding their souls together. Three unlikely heroes forced to work together or be destroyed by the curse.

Suddenly ideas started pouring out of me. I wrote out treatments for 8 volumes. I was inspired and motivated to draw again since the accident. I began designing characters for Wandering Vagrants throughout the year. I would continue to work on the first book for Wandering Vagrants. It would contain the the first 48 pages.

Wandering Vagrants book1 cover. Created by Marc Adona

In 2013, I would premiere Wandering Vagrants volume 1: Sword, Magic, And Guns…Beware at Baltimore Comic Con. That was the start of my adventure.

Wandering Vagrants volume 1 cover. Created by Marc Adona

That’s how Wandering Vagrants began. Wandering Vagrants has and continues to be a great joy to me. It’s the one series I’ve created that always puts a smile on my face. I’ve over come so much, and Wandering Vagrants being the one factor to help me climb out of that darkness. I’m proud of Wandering Vagrants and still plan to finish the series. Thanks to all who have followed me on this journey thus far. Wandering Vagrants books are all available in the store.

Wandering Vagrants hard cover volume 1. Created by Marc Adona.

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