Creating Wandering Vagrants part 1

Wandering Vagrants created by Marc Adona

Guess what? Its Wandering Vagrants month. Wandering Vagrants was published this time in 2013. Seven years ago. Funny how a comic idea that sprung from a 24 hour comic, would turn into a graphic novel series.

What is a 24 hour comic you ask? It’s a completed comic book done in the span of 24 hours. Completely written, drawn, lettered 24 page comic book done in 24 hours.

I was told about the 24 hour comic challenge by a friend. The challenge happen May 2010 that year. I always heard about it, but never remembered to try it. This time I was ready to give it a shot. Here comes a new challenger!

I sat out to see if I could draw a comic in 24 hours. I use to do this as a kid, no problem right? Ha Ha. Of course, when you’re being timed, every minute counts. You realize things become more challenging by the minute.

I realize I didn’t have a lot of time to plan out the comic. My normal method of creating a comic wouldn’t work under these time constraints. After losing my first hour, I soon realized it was best to draw and see where it took me.

I started drawing a guy standing on a mountain side staring out into the distance. Suddenly, I had these three characters on an adventure. Pages were being drawn with the help of endless cups of coffee.

I completed the comic in 24 hours and it was the most fun I had drawing a comic since I was a kid. Sure, the story made no sense, but I enjoyed drawing the comic. It’s been a good while since I smiled and enjoyed comic making. It was the one element missing from comics for me. I decided from that moment, the next comic would be fun and enjoyable.

This is the end of part 1 of creating Wandering Vagrants. On part 2, I’ll discuss creating Wandering Vagrants the graphic novel.



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