When I was in college a friend invited a bunch of us to watch this anime he had. It was the last episode of the series, which was brutal and disturbing. I didn’t know what I was watching, it was the most craziest thing I seen. That anime was…Berserk.

I wasn’t quite sure what I had seen, but it intrigued me enough to pickup the anime and start from the beginning. I fell in love with Guts, Caskia and The Band of Hawk.

 Naturally, I sought out the manga by creator, Kentoro Miura. I was instantly captured by Kentaro’s rich world and storytelling. His highly detailed line work brought to life this epic dark fantasy.

Kentaro was a huge inspiration to me as an artist and fan. I was pretty devastated to hear he had passed. I didn’t quite know how to take the news. Kentaro had an enormous impact on me as a artist and made me strive to be even better. I will miss him.

Here’s a illustration I did for Kentaro.

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