About Me

Marc Adona began his self publishing journey in 2004 with his fantasy-action comic book Mischief and Mayhem #0. He later released a new four issue mini-series called Mayhem which premiered at Small Press Expo in 2007. Marc collected Mayhem into a full color trade paperback in 2012.

In 2009, Marc showcased his first creator-owned anthology called Burst that featured original stories written and illustrated by various upcoming cartoonist.

Marc debuted a the graphic novel fantasy series Wandering Vagrants in 2013 at the Baltimore Comic Con. In 2015, Marc released Wandering Vagrants Vol. 2 at Awesome Con in Washington DC.

Marc is presently working on a new sci-fi cyberpunk comic book series Zavion – The Last Human City.

“Comic books allow us to live out these fantastical stories through words and picture. It’s the doorway of storytelling that allows us all to be a hero no matter what we look like”.-Marc Adona

“Everyone deserves the opportunity to see themselves as the hero of the story.”-Marc Adona