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Wednesday comics!

Hope you all are doing well. It’s the middle of the week–almost through and it’s new Wednesday comics. Pick up some Indy comics today!

I’ve been doing character production on Zavion the last human city book two. I’m really excited, about book 2. Zavion book 1 focused on the father son dynamic of Rakan and Kolton. With Zavion book 2, we get to see what the rest of humankind have been doing.

Book 2 will introduce many new characters, one I’m most excited about is Jetta. I’ll get to introduce Jetta and her family aboard the Phoenix colony. Book 2 will be Jetta’s journey. Here are some pencil designs for Jetta. This is her causal attire.

Another character that will be appearing in Zavion book 2 is, Jaymee. Originally, Jaymee was supposed to appear in book 1. I wrote a sequence that introduced Jaymee, but ultimately decided to save her for book 2. I’m actually glad I saved her, it gave me an opportunity to not only introduced Jaymee, but the second colony.

Here are some pencil designs for Jaymee. The first two illustration are the latest. The 3rd illustration was my first. Though I liked the 3rd design, something didn’t feel right, so redrew it. I like the newer Jaymee. I really like the dynamic between Jaymee and Kolton. Which you’ll get to see in Zavion book 2.

That’s a look into my production process for Zavion book 2. I’ll probably continue to share this aspect for those that enjoy production. I have a few more characters to do since the story will focus between two colonies. I would like to start drawing book two next week. Granted I get all of the additional characters done. It’s going to be a fun book, I can’t wait for you to see it.

Back to the drawing board. Also, new copies of Zavion the last human city book one are available in the store. Pick up a copy and start your adventure!today. If you missed me at the store signing, you can catch me at Baltimore Comic Con October 18-20. I’ll be in artist alley. I’m still waiting on table number and location. Once I know, I’ll post the info here.

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